What do YOU need to make your life better

August 8, 2013 - Mike Dilke

A while ago I asked Rachael Carter of the Back2Back support group a few questions - you can see them here

One thing we chatted about was what things would help you with the practicalities of everyday life with a bad back. Rachael suggested a few items listed below.

The chairs and the desks I can provide but what other things do you need. Maybe someone knows where to get it or possibly I can try and find it or make it for you. Give your thoughts via this post.

  • Chairs (like the Back App)
  • Special stand up/ sit desks
  • Hoover, sweepers... that mean I can actually clean my floors!
  • Special bags/suitcases
  • A bra that heats up when your thoracic spine goes into spasm to provide a little comfort from the pain