Transport and Power in the Future

July 31, 2018 - Mike Dilke

How we get about and how the power to enable us to do so is generated makes a big difference to our health and wellbeing because of congestion and pollution. The RELAXBACK UK show talks with a couple of experts in the field of transport and power. I loved chatting with these guys and I hope you find the result interesting and stimulating. In some ways it is also a bit frightening!

The guests on the current show are Dr Christian Jardine, technical director of JoJu Solar and energy researcher at Oxford University along with Jason Tisdall, CEO of Fuel Included.

Some of the topics covered include how electric cars might be charged in the future. The statistic that amazed me is that if all cars in the UK were electric then the estiate is that to power all this cars would only need 20 to 25% generated than currently.

We also spoke about how batteries in cars and houses can also be used to smooth demand on the grid and how a battery in your house can save you money today.

Maybe a little frightening or certainly providing some focus for the mind is that many people see the next few years as vital to help allay global warming. For a lot of people this time could represent just one vehicle purchase so many of us will be faced with a potentially very important choice in the near future.

Please do ask listen to the Relaxback UK show and ask questions or make comments below.