Tips on Recovery From an Operation and Camping with a Bad Back

August 29, 2017 - Mike Dilke

I chat again with Sarah Lou about her recent operation. This time she gives her tips on recovery and how to make things a little less unpleasant. On a very different subject I mull over some ways to make camping with a bad back less traumatic.

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Sarah Lou has advice on many aspects of getting over an operation. She had specialised, major spine surgery so here hospital was a way from her home. That meant that friends and relatives found it harder to visit. Before the operation she made sure they were up and running with technology to allow 'e visits' where she could chat and see them via the electronic options. This worked really well and meant that if she couldn't talk as she was too tired or doing physiotherapy or whatever at the time of the visit her guests hadn't driven for a long time to get there.

Hear the complete interview here. If you have any questions for Sarah Lou you can ask them below.

On a very different topic does your bad back put you off camping? I think about some different ways to try to make camping more pleasant for sufferers. Again do ask any questions or make your own suggestions here.

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