The London Marathon and my Chiropractor

April 15, 2013 - Mike Dilke

I am 46 and a bit overweight but was persuaded by the Backcare Charity to run the London Marathon for them. It is next Sunday and I am really looking forward to it although a little apprehensive as well. The reason being that the training was going well until I had a feeling that things were not right in my knees - if I exercised they hurt.
A Harley Street chiropractor, who uses the Back App chair, offered to help me. I have not been treated by an osteopathor a chiropractor prior to this but have been so impressed by the whole experience that however I fare in the marathon I want to mention the experience.
The chiropractor is Alberto Gonzalez of the Gonstead Clinic. He took an X-ray, diagnosed a vertebrae that was out of position and has been manipulating it such that the pain in my knees has gone. There was  slight set-back as I did too much trianing too early during the treatment. Right now the kness feel great and I am looking forward to next Sunday - I might be in pain afterwards but I am confident that any knee pain will go ot can be made to go with some help from Alberto.
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