The Institution of Civil Engineers – H&S Conference

June 25, 2015 - Mike Dilke


I am looking forward to the H&S Conference that is run by The Institution of Civil Engineers next week. Relaxback UK is a supplier in the area of health and wellbeing and I am also a chartered civil engineer so I have a professional interest from two angles.

An article in the New Civil Engineer (the professional weekly magazine) in May looked at what infrastructure firms needed as their key competences to help them succeed in the future. Over 500 companies were involved in the research so hopefully the results are true - out of 30 priorities, safety in construction, safety leadership and safety behaviour and culture came first with more than 65% of respondents seeing each as a top priority.

Collaborative working was fifth with 63% seeing it a top priority. The conference has taken this on board and is specifically looking at collaboration in these fields with the overall title of 'Collaborative Construction.'

That should mean that the programme is relevant to the attendees as the profession has said that, that is what they need for the future.

Relaxback UK is sponsoring and exhibiting at the conference. My objective is to keep staff happy, healthy and efficient when working at their desks  - the health part of H&S in construction has recently received much more attention.

I supply the Back App chair and sit/ stand desks which enable staff to experience a healthier working environment. I already collaborate with the construction industry by providing Back App chairs for staff to test to see if they work for them, by advising on workstations and engaging with company occupational therapists, physiotherapists and workstation assessors. However I would like to ask the industry representatives what it is they they need from me - how can I address your staff wellbeing and make them more happy, healthy and comfortable and hence make your business more efficient and profitable?

I will be at the conference so let me know there or via these pages.