The Future of Work and the Work 2.0 Conference along With a Safe Industrial Kitchen

April 17, 2018 - Mike Dilke

The topics in this weeks RELAXBACK UK show are the future of work and the Work 2.0 Conference along with a safe industrial kitchen.

Lucy Nicholas is the producer of the Work 2.0 conference which is in the Business Design Centre in London on April 24th and 25th. As producer she is responsible for arranging the whole program and with over 150 speakers, 750 conference attendees and 30 or so exhibitors that is quite a task.

Work 2.0  brings thought leaders and industry drivers together to  get to grips with what the future of work might look like. This is fascinating but also vital if you are responsible for employing people and making sure they are happy and efficient when working in your organisation.

Delegates will gather to discuss and debate the following four fundamental issues affecting the evolution of the world of work.

  • Real Estate and Office Space
  • Technology
  • Talent
  • Wellness 
 I have looked at the future of work previously on this RELAXBACK UK show. My conclusions were pretty much that it is very difficult to predict so if you are wrestling with these types of questions for you and your organisation then making a visit to The Work 2.0 Conference will help.
One workplace is the kitchen. Karen Meadows of Safety in Action is an expert on setting up a kitchen so it is efficent and safe for staff and any visitors. Be it slips, trips or vats of boiling hot soup she will provide sensible and practical advice on how to keep the kitchen functional and happy. I even asked her if she had come across any knife throwing chefs but it seems the ones she comes across don't let the heat of the kitchen cause them to behave too badly! Hear about her work here.
If you have any questions or comments please do make them here. Thank you for reading and do listen to the RELAXBACK UK show.