The Chartered Society of Physiotherapy Conference 2018

November 13, 2018 - Mike Dilke

This week the RELAXBACK UK show is all about physiotherapy. It includes speakers, attendees and exhibitors at the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy Conference 2018 which took place in Birmingham.

The first interview is with John Doyle who is lead physiotherapist at Nuffied Health who spoke at the conference about how to prevent sedentary behaviour in the workplace. In fact he won a prize for his presentation so hear what he has to say on the subject here.

I then speak with other exhibitors and attendees at the conference.

  • Bobo balance - have developed a balance board that has a sensor in it. This means that patient progress and also advanced sports training can be monitored and is a great asset to therapists and trainers. In fact I found it to be so useful that I am now importing them into the UK - please contact me for more info about this. You can call me on my mobile on 07979 248286 or email on
  • Limbs and things - this company makes artificial limbs for medical patients to use when training and they are scarily realistic!
  • Loopwheels - these are wheels for wheelchairs that are developed to give a more comfortable smoother ride.
  • Researcher Paul Appleton is doing research on leadership skills and how to influence people. He was interested in how physiotherapists influence their patients to change their behaviour and to complete the courses of exercises that they are given. He would very much like to contact any therapists who would like to be involved in the research. His email is and his mobile is 07812 074118

The Chartered Society of Physiotherapy Conference 2018 was an excellent event. It was attended by interesting people and well run so thanks to all involved.

Thank you for reading - if you have questions or comments please do make the here and listen to the Relaxbak UK show.