That Perfect Gift, Odd Diets and Lovely Soup

April 30, 2019 - Mike Dilke

Lots of topics on the RELAXBACK UK Show this week. My solution when looking for the pefect gift, a look at some odd - sometimes a bit crazy - diets and also some lovely soup.

It was recently my 25th wedding anniversary and I asked an artist to paint a cartoon like image of the family on holiday from some photos. We all loved the result but more importantly my wife loved it.

The artist is Stu McLellan and you can contact him / see more of his work here. I really do recommend this as a special gift.

Leslie Bonci is a nutritionist and we had a chat about some of the stranger diets that people embark on. We also touch on why people do these when in their heart of heartys they know what a good diet is. It is fascinating stuff from a very knowledgeable source.

Lastly who doesn't really love a good soup. Cully and Sully make soup and want people to eat them at work to help stop all the unhealthy lunches and snacking that goes on in the office.

Thanks you for reading and please do listen to the RELAXBACK UK SHOW. If you have questions or comments please do make them below.