Teenage Body Image Worries and Wellness 19

May 21, 2019 - Mike Dilke

The RELAXBACK UK SHOW starts with the very serious topic of teenage body image concerns and eating disorders and has a couple of expert guests. Then we look at health and wellness in the workplace and the Wellness 19 event.

Dr Antonis Kousoulis is a director of the Mental Health Foundation of England and Wales and Frances Shillito is an eating disorders advisor. They give advice on the possible clues that teens are having difficulties in this regard and then what to do to help them. If you are worried about a teenagers body image and want to know how to have a postive influence listen here

Wellness 19 is a conference in London on June 5th 2019 - it covers all aspects of health and wellness in the workplace. Listen to the details of what is happening here .

Robert Thorpe was part of the Domestic Digital Project commissioned by Intel. The project aimed to understand emerging new patterns of work life evolving around remote working. Hear Robert here but you can also go and see him talk at Wellness 19.

Thank you for reading and if you have questions or comments please do make them here and do listen to the RELAXBACK UK SHOW.