The St Albans Fish Man and Blogger Bar’s Facet Joint Injections

January 23, 2018 - Mike Dilke

The RELAXBACK UK show this week talks with Darren Phillips, the 'St Albans Fish Man,' who has a very popular stall at the Saturday Market and also Barbara McLullich about the treatment she gets for chronic back pain and how recently it has been cut.


Darren Phillips has been selling fish at St Albans market for over 25 years. He gets up before a lot of us have even gone to bed and lugs nearly a tonne of fish and another tonne of ice before the market even starts. He has learnt how to do this without doing himself any damage so listen here for his secrets!

Not only does Darren and his staff provide fish but they also provide entertainment. Shopping at his stall is always fun with plenty of banter and the fish is always top quality - I recommend it!

Barabara McLullich (also known as Blogger Bar) has suffered chronic back pain for years. The latest treatment she has been having which has stabilised her situation is a facet joint injection every few months. This has helped her a lot but at the start of the year this course of treatment was axed due to NHS cutbacks. This is very serious for her. However she is engaging with her consultant to find another course of treatment that works for her.

This is not a 'bash the NHS' story but one of how an upbeat and postive attitude can go a long way to helping in all walks of life. Listen here to be inspired by Blogger Bar.

Barbara is a frequent blogger and uses it to share all kinds of information abut back pain. Her blog is a must for anyone who suffers from back pain of knows someone who does - see it here.


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