Do Sofas and Dining Chairs Cause You Pain? How To Be Healthier When at Your Computer

July 4, 2017 - Mike Dilke

This week in the Relaxback UK show we look at why sofas and dining chairs can be so uncomfortable and what to do about it. Also if you are glued to a computer for long hours here is one way to remind you to keep healthier.


We all have them - they can look nice but so often they are just so horribly uncomfortable. The topic is sofas and I spoke with Lorna Kennard of Sittingwell Ltd who told me why they are and what to do about it.

She also has advice for people who find sitting at the dining table a painful chore. It is such an important family time so if you find it painful listen here for some help.

Also if you have any 'sofa tips' or 'dining chair tips' please do tell us below.

Do you spend hours in front of a computer? Many of us do - I am writing this at a computer although I am sitting on a Back App chair at an adjustable height desk! The company Little Nudge has developed some software to help us keep healthier habits. I speak with Emily Tims and Andre Oliveria about the software they have developed.

Little Nudge did a pilot scheme with 131 people over 3 months. Amongst the findings was a 33% reduction in staff reporting headaches.  Other results are attached below via the link.

Little Nudge evidence base and cost effectiveness

Thank you for reading and please do listen to the RELAXBACK UK show and make comments/ ask questions below.