Social Prescribing and The Physicality of Being a Piano Tuner

June 19, 2018 - Mike Dilke

In the latest RELAXBACK UK show I chat with GP Mark Spencer about social prescribing and also talk to my piano tuner, Alvin Rittle.

Mark Spencer has been at the forefront of making social prescribing work well at the Mount View Surgery in Fleetwood. He has stories of lives turned around and communities being infused with new life that will astound you. I got quite emotional listening to him. Please do listen to what is happening in Fleetwood here.

See here for a video by Dr Daisy Fancourt on the impact of social prescribing.

Also Mark Spencer talks further on this podcast called the GP Podcast.


Alvin Rittle of Albermarle Pianos has been tuning our piano for years. He talks about how he manages to do quite a physical job and keep any ill effects at bay. He not only tunes them but he also plays them - listen in here.

Thank you for reading. Please do listen to the Relaxback UK show and if you have any question or comments ask or make them below.