Snacks to Get More Healthy in NHS Hospital Shops and Advice for Using Your Car as a Mobile Office

November 14, 2017 - Mike Dilke

This week's Relaxback UK show looks at how snacks for sale in NHS hospitals will get more healthy and also tips for those of us who use our car as a mobile office.

Have you ever thought that the food on sale in hospitals is often pretty unhealthy and the sort of thing that if you eat too much of you could be a patient instead of just a visitor? Well apparently things are going to change and snacks that are over 250 calories soon won't be available. Dietician, Helen Bond, tells us about the plans for change and also gives some excellent advice for healthy snacking. She mentions nuts and California Walnuts in particular.

There is more advice on the British Diatetic website on snacking here.

I often use my car as a mobile office and it isn't always easy or healthy to do. The Safety Elf (Alison Thomson) has plenty of good ideas to make working this way a bit easier so listen here to make your life better. There is the latest on the law for using your phone in the car - it might surprise you! Also when using your laptop in the car why not just sit in the passenger seat - there is so much more space.

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