Smoking Makes Your Penis Smaller!

May 21, 2019 - Mike Dilke

The RELAXBACK UK SHOW out on Tuesday May 28th covers how smoking can affect relationships, how likely you are to find a partner and makes your penis smaller. Also I talk to people organising, and at, the St Albans Sustainability Festival.

Annabelle Knight is a relationship and body language expert. She explains not only how your penis will shrink but how it can more difficult to find a partner. She has research that suggests those who smoke are less attractive and get passed on Tinder. Hear about it here on UK Health Radio from May 28th.

She is joined by Dominic Shales of VICE who have a no smoking campaign. Oddly this is funded by, cigarette producer, Philip Morris. Listen here to see how and why and decide for yourself if it makes sense.

I said on the show that I would provide a link to an article by David Mitchell on what he thinks of the campaign and vaping. Listen to the show, read the article, do some research of your own and come to a conclusion.

The St Albans Sustainable Festival is a big thing. It is relevant to everyone but you will be able to find an event that is particularly relevant to you.

I went to the Market Takeover event and spoke with the organisers. I also chatted with the St Albans Cycle Campaign.

Thanks for reading and please do listen to the RELAXBACK UK SHOW. The show about the above will be out on Tuesday May 28th. I am away for a bit so won't be around to update the blog!