Servas Travellers and Why not Take up Squash

July 24, 2018 - Mike Dilke

This edition of the RELAXBACK UK Show talk to a family on holiday and a top squash player.

Servas is a travel organisation that aims to promote friendly relationships across countries. You can join as a host or a traveller and have like minded people to stay in your home or go travelling. It works very well and I have met lovely people some of which have become lifelong friends.

The Singleton family came from South Georgia. They were travelling with their two daughter and it was the first time they had been to Europe - they give some advice on how to keep a family holiday fun here.

Danny Lee is a squash player and coach. He was in the top 30 in the world and is a very experienced coach. If you play or are thinking of starting then listen to him talk about the game and how to avoid injury here.

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