Is Running Good for You & Does it Save The NHS Money?

January 11, 2017 - Mike Dilke

I have started doing some shows on UK Health Radio and the latest programme asks the physiotherapist Chris McLean is 'Running is good for you?' and also poses the question does 'Running and Parkrun, in particular, save the NHS any money?'
It also continues discussions with different professions exploring how their work is physical and what they can do to make their working life less onerous. This time I talk to an actor.
Parkrun website -
Chris McLean -, tel 0345 3708222
Martin Bassindale, actor, contact via his agent's email


I am keen to chat to people who have overcome back pain and to hear their story so it can be used on the show to help others who are suffering to realise that there can often be a way to overcome the pain they have. Do contact me if you would like to be involved - email might be best