What is Restorative Exercise and Workstation Assessments with RBLI

March 14, 2017 - Mike Dilke

This week on the Relaxback UK Show I learn about Restorative Exercise with Michelle Muldoon's company Heart & Sole Movement and also speak with Julianne Jameson of RBLI about her approach to workstation assessments.
Michelle Muldoon has 'Move Well to be Well' on the front page of her website. I knew we would get on well as my mantra on the Relaxback UK show is 'Sit Well, Move Well, Feel Well.'
We speak about making movement part of everything you do. Michelle's helps all kinds of people from serious runners to those that find the idea of exercise rather alien.
Michelle's web site is here.
Julianne Jameson of RBLI told me about her approach to workstation assessments. They really can make you and your staff happier, healthier and much more productive. Listen here for more details.
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