Research into MRI Scans And How You Can Help, Electric Bikes, Train Trouble and Job Opportunities for Holistic Assessors

June 27, 2017 - Mike Dilke

I had to cut things out of this weeks Relaxback UK show as I had so much I wanted to talk about. Professor Fairbank talks about some of the issues with MRI scans and the research he his doing to help overcome them. He gives details of how you can get involved with this important work. Andrew Allen talks about the charity Transition St Albans and the fabulous electric bike event that he organised. The final item is news of some opportunities as holistic assessors with RBLI.

Within all that I also have another rant about travelling by train. It is bad for me mentally and physically!


Professor Jeremy Fairbank and his MRI Research

MRI scans are a fantastic tool but do have some problems. They don't always show the cause of pain felt and sometimes they show damage caused by wear and tear but no pain is felt at all by the patient. Hear the show to learn more about this and the research being carried out by Professor Fairbank and how it is possible for you to get involved.

If you are interested in helping, and are happy to be contacted, please leave your name and email in the comments section below. Alternatively you can email me at

Electric Bike Event and Transition St Albans 

Andrew Allen tells me about the work of charity Transition St Albans and how they aim to make life in St Albans more sustainable. As part of that they held an electric bike event.


Train Trouble - Getting Stressed with Bad Commute

I was recently horrified to discover that the fare structure had been changed at St Albans station. This effectively meant a huge increase in cost for travelling at certain times.

It seems that the train company has now changed back.  The station staff told me it was because they pleaded for them to do so as they were having to deal with so many passengers concerns ranging from confusion as the new system was so complicated to anger as it was such a huge price increase. The latest is that it is very difficult to buy the cheap tickets at the ticket machines as they appear to be hidden. Surely they couldn't have done this on purpose can they!

All this has resulted in stress from travelling which certainly affects me physically and emotionally. I would love to hear from people with commuting advice for keeping calm and physically as comfortable as possible. Someone from the train company would be very welcome to do this and explain the objectives behind the changes in fare structure - you would be welcome on the Relaxback UK show.

Which? magazine has started a campaign where they have a petition, ask for ideas on how to improve the service and give advice on how to claim for delays etc.

Job Opportunities with RBLI

There are opportunities for holistic workplace assessors with RBLI in London and the Home Counties, Wiltshire, Devon and Cornwall. You will be part of a team that provides assessments in different work environments - more details here.


Thank you for reading and please do listen to the Relaxback UK show. Also click here if you would like to try out a Back App chair in the UK.