Remote GP Consultations and What Exactly is Mindfulness?

January 30, 2018 - Mike Dilke

This week the RELAXBCK UK show explores what Mindfulness is and also looks at the usefulness or otherwise of remote GP consultations. I was lucky enough to speak with GP, Dr Wendy Molefi-Youri about both topics.


Midfulness courses are popular at the moment and I was lucky enough to speak with an expert to find out what it is all about. Being a GP, Dr Molefi-Youri has a very practical, evidence based approach to how Mindfulness can help us all and maybe even save the NHS some money. Hear her talk about Mindfulness here.

Cetainly being a little more open to what your body and mind are telling you can be a good thing. If we take note of a niggling little pain and do something about it can help to stop a small issue developing into a larger problem. The classic example could be ignoring the first signs of a headache until it really hurts, but if we had slowed down for a moment and given ourselves a few minutes the headache may well have passed. This may seem like a tiny, unimportant example but I bet we have all ignored symptoms of something which have then got worse.

Dr Wendy Molefi-Youri has a course running soon in St Albans to teach Minfulness. It starts on February 1st and details are on her website here.


This week I also look at the pros and cons of remote GP consultations. This is not an easy subject, with the chance of GP's time being made more available to the public in a more efficient way but also the very real chance of people being missed out.

A scheme being run by the NHS in London has a list of those who can't use it which includes pregnant women and those suffering from dementia. Certainly you need to be technically aware enough to use the technology. So does this potentially lead to the two tier health service that we sometimes hear about? Hear some thoughts of mine and also Dr Moelfi-Youri here.


Thank you for reading and please do listen to the RELAXBACK UK show. If you have any questions or comments please ask/ make them below.