How To Recover From Surgery As Quickly As Possible

October 17, 2017 - Mike Dilke

How to recover from surgery as quickly as possible is the topic for this weeks RELAXBACK UK show.

George Mahood is an author - if you read his books on public transport be prepared for some funny looks as you are likely to spend the journey laughing loudly! He had a lump removed from his spine and then just over 4 months after that completed an Ironman triathlon.

While this is not standard practice or even something to be emulated necessarily it is a fascinating account of his recovery process in the short and longer term.

Listen to his story here.

You can also buy his book about his triathlon experience along with his others on Amazon and see his Facebook page here.






Professor Jeremy Fairbank has a great deal of experience and shares his thoughts on how to recover from surgery as best you can on the RELAXBACK UK show.

If you or a loved one are about to have surgery of any kind do listen to this.

If you have any questions or comments on the topics raised in the show please do ask or make them here. Thank you for reading.