Radio Interviews and Round Table Discussions

January 4, 2015 - Mike Dilke

Round Table Discussions and Radio Interviews

While I have been running Relaxback UK I have been a guest on a couple of radio shows and also have arranged a few round table discussions with some very knowledgeable, influential and also entertaining people.
I have mentioned a few of them below along with links to the shows.
·         Round Table Discussion
This was a round table discussion looking at some current treatments and ways to avoid back pain in the first place. I was joined by the following experts and the result was an informative and entertaining chat.

David Rose and Juliana Hyka of Medserena - they very kindly hosted the event at the upright MRI centre

Dr Glenn Caley - a chiropractor with the Gonstead Clinic in Harley Street -
Namonga Mtonga - a chartered physiotherapist who carries out work assessments with RBLI for the Access to Work Program -
Nick Sinfield - clinical director of Spring Active who have programmes to help back pain sufferers that have been proven in the armed forces -
·         Medserena Upright MRI
I was lucky enough to be invited to the Medserena upright MRI facility in London. This is a state of the art MRI where Professor Francis Smith is clinical director and he hosted a round table chat with some very experienced and capable people in the world of ergonomics and musculoskeletal health. I was also there - just to make up the numbers.
Present were
Professor Francis Smith - Clincial director of Medserena 
Guy Osmond - of Osmond Ergonomics
Alberto Gonzalez of The Gonstead Chiropractic Clinic in Harley Street 
Please do listen but bear in mind it is the original recording and has not been edited by UK Health Radio so has some preamble at the end has caught one of us asking for a glass of wine - who do you think it is?
Pictured from left to right are Professor Francis Smith, Guy Osmond and Alberto Gonzalez.

·         Construction and Back Pain
I have recently being taking part in some discussions that are aired on the UK Health Radio, Health Kick show with John Hicks as the host

The latest one was about construction and musculoskeletal issues. It was a fairly light hearted chat but did touch on some serious topics so luckily there were some experts involved. They were Val Clark-Irving who is a physiotherapist working in occupational health for a Sir Robert McAlpine and Alberto Gonzalez, a Gonstead Technique chiropractor.

The link to the whole show is below - the part talking about construction starts at around 29minutes and 25 seconds

If we touch on any areas that you want to take further please do contact us via the information given on the programme or use the discussion forum here to take things further.

·         Radio Verulam’s Business Show
I was interviewed on Radio Verulam's show The Business. The show is hosted by Trevor Merriden, Roma Bhowmick and Victoria Scott and thank you very much for inviting me along as I enjoyed being a part of it. 
The topics were not about the products that I distribute but about business issues and in particular those of employing staff and being in a 'high end' section of the market.
A section of the show is available on

What I feel is the driving force behind my business, Relaxback UK, is summarised from 52 minutes and 49 seconds. Have a listen!

·         Channel Radio – Who Cares Wins
The Who Cares Wins team on Channel radio did a show on back pain. It was a general chat on back pain but also looked at the Back App ergonomic chair. 
Guests on the show were:-

Mary O'Keeffe - a research physiotherapist from Limerick University. She specilaises in lower back pain and has done research work on the Back App.

Stephen Makinde - an osteopath who has 6 clinics in and around London.
Me - Mike Dilke
The show has been split into three sections and can be listened to by following the links below.

Intro with Mike Dilke             

Section with Mary O'Keefe    

Section with Stephen Makinde

Who Cares Wins Radio Show

·         Verulam Radio Interview - Radio Verulam interview by Ashlyn Kaye of Kieran O'Sullivan, Stephen Makinde and Mike Dilke