Preventing Injury When Dancing and A New Way of Seeing the GP

January 16, 2018 - Mike Dilke

On the RELAXBACK UK show this week I look at preventing injury when dancing and seeing a GP remotely.

Elizabeth Larkham is a dancer, pilates teacher and movement specialist with a huge amount experience of helping dancers avoid and recover from injury. I chatted to her about this and you can listen here.

This is of great interest in our household at the moment because my daughter has just got her first pointe shoes. She has a skill at dancing that her dad really doesn't have and I am keen for her not to damage her feet by making mistakes early on. Luckily she has a teacher that really looks after her young students.

Elizabeth has written a book called Fascia in Motion. It has QR codes throughtout that allow the user to easily see relevant videos. That makes it accessible to everyone and you don’t have to be an experienced pilates student or teacher to enjoy it.

Elizabeth’s book is available via Handspring Publishing.



I also talk about a recent news item where a GP surgery launched a way of seeing patients remotely. They have registered many more patients but the jury is still out if this is a sensible system for the NHS to adopt. Listen here and let us know your thoughts below.

Thanks for reading - please do listen to the Relaxback UK show and make any comments or ask any questions below.