Press Release on Latest Back App Research

March 19, 2013 - Mike Dilke

Back App chair use shown to ‘significantly’ reduce lower back pain

In difficult economic times, the last thing UKbusinesses need is staff off sick or underperforming

ACCORDING to NHS research, back pain is the most common reason for people to miss work and when at work, it can also affect concentration and productivity.

Most people will suffer from back pain at some point in their life. It is triggered by several factors, but one of the most common is sitting badly or awkwardly, or slouching in chairs.

 Mike Dilke, owner of Back App UK Ltd, sole distributor of the Back App chair in the country, said:

“A study carried out by physiotherapists at Limerick University compared the use of the Back App with the widespread,  ‘standard’ office chair with an adjustable back and arm rests.

 “Twenty-one people did a one hour typing exercise with a laptop and mouse at a typical office desk and their experience was recorded. What scientists found was that using the Back App significantly reduced lower back pain but there was increased lower back pain on the standard chair.

Overall, the trend was for more general body discomfort on the standard chair and a lot less when using the Back App.”

 The Back App is a ‘saddle’ seated chair without a back rest, which moves around to various degrees via a ball at the base. The movement varies from slight (‘green’ zone) to dynamic (‘red’ zone.)

 Unlike the standard chair, which is stable and sets your hips at a 90 degree angle, the Back App seat sets the hips at a larger angle. This means there is less muscle effort to hold the body upright, as the spine’s position is similar to when you are standing. And this has the same, less stressful effect on the back muscles.

Scientists also recommend that movement helps with back pain and the saddle is constantly moving.

But Mike added that another advantage of using the Back App is that it can also increases alertness and productivity at work – something most of us could do with from time to time.

“Using the Back App is all about prevention as well as treatment. It can help reduce lower back pain in those already suffering from it, but it can also prevent its development over time, which is something many of us will have to deal with at some point in our lives,” he said.



About Mike Dilke, Relaxback UK and Back App:

Mike came across the Back App Chair online when looking at running a business helping people with bad backs, owing to his long-term interest in Yoga.

The chair was invented by Norwegian, Freddy Johnsen, who had suffered severe back problems during his life. It is currently manufactured in Sweden. After Mike enquired anout the product, he was invited stay with Freddy and following this visit, they agreed to do business together. Mike is now the sole distributor in the UK.


The Back App is the combination of a chair with an adjustable balancing board. It sets your position, when sitting, in an open hip angle, not at 90 degrees as in a regular chair. This means it’s less effort for the body to hold itself in a good posture and the spine is also resting in its most natural position, so the pressure between the vertebrae is less.


The adjustable ball makes the chair wobble and prevents stiffness from sitting ‘too’ still, as well as giving you a low level core workout at the same time.


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