Preparing Mentally and Physically for an Operation and Running Injury Free

August 4, 2017 - Mike Dilke

The Relaxback UK show from August 15th will gives lots of good advice. If you are going to have an operation of any sort there is advice on how to prepare both mentally and physically from a friend of mine who is in the recovery phase from major surgery.

In addition there is help from an ultra marathon runner on keeping as injury free as possible when training.

Hear the RELAXBACK UK show here.


Sarah-Lou is a very good friend of our family and she was diagnosed cancer in her spine. Recently she had a 14 hour long operation to remove a vertebrae from which she is recovering well. She has very useful advice on how to prepare for an operation both physically and mentally.

Listen to her here and if you have any questions for her please do ask them below.

Julianne Jameson is an ultra marathon runner. She loves to help other people to enjoy running and to run as free from injury as possible. One of her methods is low heart rate training - hear all about it on the Relaxback UK show here.

Runology is Julianne's running clinic that helps runners of all types and abilities. She can do this remotely using skype and video so you can be located anywhere and still benefit from her help. If you have any running questions or comments please do ask or make them here.

Thank you for reading, ask questions and comment below and please do listen to the Relaxback UK show.