Philip Morris Wants Brits to Give Up Smoking, Wellness@work and Stress Awareness Conferences

October 30, 2018 - Mike Dilke

A busy Relaxback UK show this week. Mark Macgregor of Philip Morris saying they want people in the UK to give up smoking and a couple of interesting conferences next week.

Mark Macgregor is Director of Corporate Affairs, UK and Ireland for Philip Morris and told me that they really want the 7.4 million smokers in the UK to stop. Well they might but they cetainly don't want their company not to exist anymore so they want people to switch to e-cigarettes. I have a suspicion that they might want non-smokers to take up e-cigarettes as well but listen to the interview here and see what you think.

I tried to give Macgregor the benefit of the doubt (possibly naively) but the objective of a company has to be to provide a return for it s shareholders. David Mitchell says exactly this and more, so listen to Mark Macgregor and read Mitchell's Guardian column before deciding for yourself what to think about the Philip Morris campaign.


The Wellbeing@Work event in London is on Novemenber 8th. I plan to be there and so should anyone who realises that keeping your staff healthy and happy is a sensibe thing to do. It is at the Kimpton Fitzroy Hotel in London and details are here.


That week is also International Stress Awareness Week. The week culminates with a conference in London on November 9th which will look at how technolgy affects us all and will debate both the positive and adverse affects it can have. I talk to Carol Spiers who started the event 20 years ago about what is in store here.


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