Movement – What Movement!

March 12, 2015 - Mike Dilke


I have just been to visit the Back2 International showroom in London. The owner took this photo of me sitting at a work station designed to be used with the Zero Gravity chair.

After the Health & Wellbeing conference last week and the debate during one of the sessions (see here for an account) I couldn't quite believe it.

The topic at the debate was broadly should we sit or stand at our desks and the outcome seemed to be, not one or the other in exclusion, but we should aim to think about moving more. This set up makes it pretty much impossible to move and I could almost feel the weight piling on my thighs in just the minute or two I was trying it out.

I think if I have people working for me I would want them to have a level of physical activity so their mind stays alert and working in chairs that support every part of your body almost seems like paying people to stay in bed! I did feel like I could have taken a nap in the Back2 showroom.

It may be that the set up could help some people with serious injury but we are designed to move if we can.

See the Back2 website for more info on this.

Also for an in depth analysis of the debate at the conference, rather than my short account, Guy Osmond of Osmond Ergonomics has written a blog post here.