Move Your Way to Happiness

June 15, 2015 - Mike Dilke

A couple of week ago I was given a Jawbone UP24 wristband that measures how much I move, bouts of exercise and how well I sleep. I have got quite addicted to it and enjoy seeing how many steps I take during the day and how many calories I burn during my current favourite exercise which is skipping but also how much I burn doing usual every day activities.

Us 'Upsters' as we are called have created  huge volume of information on sleep patterns and peoples' feeling of wellbeing and Jawbone have started to delve into what it might mean. The study based on hundreds of thousands of UP wearers over the past year has analysed 80 million nights of sleep and 5.6 million mood entries (mood is scored between 1 for saddest and 10 for happiest.)

If you sleep better then you are happier is the general gist and if you sleep between 8 -9.5 hours you tend to wake up happier than those who sleep more or less than that. There was also a clear relationship between steps on the previous day and the mood of the user in the morning: better moods correlate with more steps.

It may be a little simplistic to say keep moving and be in a better mood but I know if I get more exercise I feel happier within myself and also usually sleep better. There could also be an element that if you feel good you might move more as a result but doing all we can to keep moving and be less sedentary has got to be a good thing.

Janey Lee Grace has a sit/ stand desk from Relaxback UK and loves it in conjunction with a Back App chair. She finds that that by moving more she feels more energised. I agree and love working while alternating between my Back App chair and standing at my desk. The Back App chair keeps me moving, gently exercising my core and standing helps to burn more calories.

So contact me to arrange a free Back App chair trial or to order your sit/ stand desk. My email is and my mobile is 07979 248286.

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