Marathon Attempt Update – possible saving by a Chiropractor

March 13, 2013 - Mike Dilke

So I am running the London Marathon for the BackCare Charity - if you would like to sponsor this excellent charity then please do by going to this link

A few days ago something felt badly wrong with my knee and my first thought was this is going to be realy embarassing as I have told lots of people about my hope to run - not to mention my wife liking the slightly thinner version of me.

Yesterday I went to a chiropractor. He gave me a thorough exam and took X-rays and showed me vertebrae that are out of line - it looked bad to my untrained eye. The total consultation took around two hours and I really felt like I was in good hands. The end result was that he is confident that he can get me ready to run the marathon in the time available and I was really impressed. 

Today the knee feels better but I am not allowed to run on it yet - I will keep you posted and then at the end of the treatment tell you who is helping me.

I would love to hear from other would be marathoners who are in a similar fix. Comment on the blog or email me -