How to Make Driving Less of a Pain and Environmental Gardening with The Green Gardener

July 25, 2017 - Mike Dilke

This week's show gives some advice on how to make driving less of a pain in the neck for the many people that find the car very uncomfortable. Also I talk to a gardener who has tips to make gardening chores less onerous but also practises a unique form of environmental gardening.

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Lorna Kennard of Sittingwell Ltd helps a lot of people with pain they experience when driving. Oddly they don't always see it as an activity that is the primary cause of their  pain but as something that exacerbates pain they already have from something else. Maybe this is because driving is something that so many of us just have to do. Whatever the situation driving leads to real discomfort for a lot of people so listen here for some advice to make your driving life a bit better.

Andrew Allen is the Green Gardener and is committed to making sure that his business and his clients' gardens are as environmentally friendly as possible. He also has some tips for making the physical labour of gardening less onerous. It is rare to meet someone as committed to their business and environmental ideals as Andrew. Listen to this to get a flavour of just how passionate he is - it may well change how you personally do things. He also does a good gardening job!

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