Love Hemp Water and Arthritis Week

October 2, 2018 - Mike Dilke

This week the RELAXBACK UK show  looks at water for sale that contains CBD from cannabis called Love Hemp Water and also Arthritis Week.

Tony Calamita is co-founder of the company Love Hemp. They recently lauched their product Love Hemp Water which contains CDB from the cannabis plant - find out what it does for you on the Relaxback UK show.

Tony tells us that it is good refreshing water with a bit extra. It tastes different as they wanted customers to be able to taste that the CBD is there.

October 8th to 12th is Arthritis Awareness Week. It is a national event in the UK and Nuffield Health has free advice across many of their gyms. You don't have to be a member to go along and receive this so have a look at their website here to see the nearest location to you.

I spoke with Karla Gardener,  lead physiotherapist, at Nuffield Health in St Albans about arthritis, possible treatments and the event on October 9th in St Albans.


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