Keeping Active at Your Desk and Help for Asthmatics

June 25, 2019 - Mike Dilke

On the RELAXBACK UK SHOW this week - many of us have sedentary jobs and keeping active while working at your desk can be a bonus for our health and wellbeing. Also allergy testing can provide help for asthmatis to find the triggers that set off attacks.

I spoke with Mike Wilson who is a chiropractor in Sweden. He knows about movement and the human body and explained how the Active Stand can keep you more active and more healthy when working at your desk. It simulates going for a gentle stroll - listen here to find out the benefits.


If you are not lucky enough to win you can buy one here. Contact me via my email if you have any questions -

Dr Schuaib Nasser is a Consultant in allergy and asthma. Hear him explain how allergy testing could help asthmatics manage their triggrs and potentially save lives.

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