It’s the Chelsea Flower Show – Be Kind to Your Back

May 18, 2015 - Mike Dilke

So the Chelsea Flower Show is this week and many of us amateur gardeners get inspired to try and make a little piece of paradise in the back garden or at least plant  few vegetables. If we aren't as fit as we like to think we are then maybe we can get the odd twinge of back pain.

On Saturday I was using a shovel - not digging so much but mixing cement for the foundation of a bread oven in my son's kindergarten. It was good fun with the dads lending a hand - luckily I had spoken with Gillian Brown, an osteopath, who runs the Harpenden Injury Clinic  previously and her good advice meant I got away injury free. I do tend to get carried away at such times and forget that I should perhaps follow a few simple rules to prevent crocking myself! Gillian shows that advice in the video below.