Is Walking Good For You?

February 20, 2018 - Mike Dilke

In the RELAXBACK UK show this week the topic is walking and is walking good for you?

I speak with Gill Stewart about Nordic Walking which is walking with poles such tht you can get a good exercise for your whole body and not just your legs. It started as training for cross country skiers during the summer  when there is no snow. Cross country skiers are extremely fit and strong so it can be quite a physically demanding sport or it can be a much more gentle and sociable walk.

Listen to Gill here.

I also speak with osteopath Gillian Brown of Sports and Spinal  Clinic in Harpenden about how to walk with injuring yourself and how to get the most out of it. As an osteopath she know exactly how the body works and has plenty of excellent advice here.

 If you want to walk while you are at your desk it is possible without the expense and difficulty of a treadmill. Just use an Active Stand like these guys in the photo. There is a chance to win an Active Stand by entering a simple competition and a link to it will be here soon.

There are many benefits of walking and there just wasn't time to talk about them all on the RELAXBACK UK show. Here is a link to a review which lists 50 benefits of walking ranging from a higher libido to less acid reflux.

Also remember that I will be running the BigHalf which is a half marathon happening in London on March 4th. I will be doing it for the BackCare Charity and you can sponsor me here.

Please do listen to the RELAXBACK UK show and if you have any comments or questions make or ask them below.