IDDT and Ruark Audio

January 22, 2019 - Mike Dilke

Two very different topics on the RELAXBACK UK show this week. To start it is Gillian Brown talking about IDDT or Intervertebral Disc Decompression Therapy and then a chat with Alan O'Rourke of Ruark Audio.

Gillian Brown is an osteopath in Harpenden. I visited her and she explained the disc decompression therapy that they provide at the clinic. The video below shows it nicely but do listen here as well.

Then it is Alan O'Rourke of Ruark Audio. Listening to music can be an important way of getting some 'me' time and helping people to relax. Listen to him talk about this, both our efforts of getting our children to appreciate the music that we like and much else here.

Thanks for reading and please do listen to the RELAXBACK UK show - also if you have any questions or comments on the show please do ask / make them here.