Should I run, training myths and advice

May 18, 2017 - Mike Dilke

Looking back over my Relaxback UK web radio shows I noticed that there is a lot of information about running on topics such as 'should I run, training myths and advice.'

For people wondering if they can take up running without doing themselves any damage this show with Chris McLean of Marylebone Physio is a real help.

He provides a very sensible clear idea of how to approach running for the starter and what people can get out of it. So if you are a beginner or going back to running in later life spend a couple of minutes listening to this to help you avoid any injury and really enjoy the experience.

Chris totally gets it that if there is no fun to your running then there is not much point. This show gives advice on how to make it fun for the beginner. Things like running little and often to your ability level is so much better than forcing yourself on a long really exhausting run leaving you open to injury and just not enjoying it.

For those of you who have taken up the running challenge already another show with Chris talks about good practice for training for longer runs. One thing he mentions that I didn't know is that you can find things so much easier of you change your trainers every 6 months or so depending on how much you use them.

I have also spoken to physiotherapist Lucy Macdonald of The Octopus Clinic about marathon training myths. If you are planning to take the plunge and run a marathon then please do listen to this to help you avoid injury and enjoy the whole experience as much as possible.

One thing she really gets dismayed at is those runners who have what she calls a 'fixation on distance.' She says you can train for a marathon without having to do huge distances in one go and you will reduce your chance of injury. Listen here for the specific advice.

If you do have any questions about running please do ask them below and I will get them answered as soon as I can.

Chris McLean is at Marylebone Physio, in London - his staff use the Back App Chair and Relaxback UK height adjustable desks.

Lucy Macdonald is at The Octopus Clinic, in London- she is pregnant and has been using the Back App chair and finding it very comfortable during pregnancy.

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