I Ask a Neurosurgeon Can We Control Pain? Also Actor, Will Mellor talks About Phone Swiping.

October 1, 2019 - Mike Dilke

This weeks RELAXBACK UK SHOW  asks neurosurgeon and scientist Dr Rahul Jandial if we can control pain using our brain.  Actor, Will Mellor talks about being addicted to his phone and how he makes sure it doesn't take over his life and ruin his family time.

I loved talking with Dr Rahul Jandial - first it was fascinating to get an idea of what it is like to be literally inside someones head but talking about pain and how it works really was fascinating. Listen to him here.
There will be more episodes talking with him and they will cover (amongst much else)the topics of postive thought in sport, extreme physical endurance and how to study and keep calm in exams.
He also mentions his book 'Life Lessons From a Brain Surgeon.'

Will Mellor has been in many films and TV shows - my favourite is Two Pints of Lager And A Packet of Crisps Please - on the Relaxback UK Show he talks about how phones can end up stealing time and how to stop that and also how to stop them taking over your childrens' lives. Listen here for some of his methods of parenting.

He seems a pretty cool dad and this video shows it.