How to Get Better at Almost Everything with Dr Rahul Jandial and How to Make Driving Fun Again!

October 22, 2019 - Mike Dilke

The RELAXBACK UK SHOW  this week has neurosurgeon and neuroscientist, Dr Rahul Jandial, giving advice on how to improve your performance at mental and physical endeavours. Also does driving give you a bad back? - an ingenious gizmo called the Shoft can help tp prevent getting back pain from driving and also make your car safer.

Dr Jandial is a surgeon and an academic and as such is an expert on how the brain works. With his experience he has some very useful ideas on how to get better at all kinds of things - listen to what he has to say and get better at something! This is fantastically interesting stuff but can get complicated quite quickly and be way beyond me. However do not worry as he not only is he a brain expert but he is an expert at explaining things. You will enjoy listening to him here on UK Health Radio.

Many people find driving a pain. I am not talking just the traffic and the road rage here but they get a bad back from an uncomfortable driving position. Dr Graham Cox has invented the Shoft to help with this which is a very clever device to keep the lap belt on the seat belt tight. It really works to keep people more comfy but also makes the seat belt work as designed so makes the car safer.

Hear about the shoft from Dr Graham Cox here.

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For more information on the Shoft and to buy with a discount go here.