Health & Wellbeing in The Corporate World and Crazy Tick Box Mentality at our Schools

August 7, 2018 - Mike Dilke

The RELAXBACK UK show this weeks looks at the post of Health & Wellbeing Director in the corporate world and asks what they do. Also some examples of the tick box culture in schools in the UK.

Mace is a large construction company and looks after a lot of building sites and also has many staff in offices. As such it is responsible for the safety of many people but also for their health and wellness. Dr Judith Grant looks after this and she explains her role within the company and how she tries to influence all staff to be a bit healthier and kinder to themselves here on the Relaxback UK Show.


Recently I have been getting dismayed at the tick box mentality being imposed on some schools in the UK. If children are taught in a system where 'the rules are the rules' no matter what and inspite of all common sense then we won't create a smart work force to pay our pensions as we get older! I mention some of the more ridiculous examples here and you can find them on blogs to read as well (links below.)

Here are a couple of examples from Richard Garner, an educational journalist and here is one from me.

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