Get a Free Sleep Analysis & How Moving and Exercise Can Help to Avoid Dementia

September 19, 2017 - Mike Dilke

Find where to get a free sleep analysis in this week's RELAXBACK UK show. Also there are tips on lifetstyle habits that help to avoid dementia. Movement and exercise can really help so get out and go for a brisk walk.

Dr Anda Baharav of Sleep Rate is running The Global Sleep Fix in September. This means that you can download the SleepRate app for free and then use it free for one year. It will monitor your sleep and then give you a sleep report to help you get better sleep.

On the Relaxback UK show she gives details of the Global Sleep Fix but also some excellent advice on how to sleep better.

The Global Sleep Fix will amass a huge amount of data on sleep from around the world. All this data will be available to researchers so sign up to help the research even if you sleep just fine.


Most people have an elderly relative or might be getting a little older themsleves. Dr Naheed Mukadam of UCL explains some of the dementia risk factors that we can do something to influence. She is a master at presenting to the layman so listen to her and see what factors you can influence for yourself or a loved one. Movement and exercise is a big one and it is never too late to start.

With her help and some effort on all our parts perhaps we can reduce the levels of dementia in the population.

Dr Mukadam was an author on the Lancet Dementia Commission on the prevention, intervention and care of dementia. Have a look at it here for an accessible explanation of the dementia challenge.



Thank you for reading and do listen to the RELAXBACK UK show covering these topics.