Gardening is Good For You and Ways to Beat SAD

December 18, 2018 - Mike Dilke

This week on the RELAXBACK UK show it is gardening is good for you and ways to beat SAD.

David Domoney is a presenter on the ITV show Love Your Garden and is the most enthusiastic gardeners I have spoken with. If you listen to him you will get enthused about your garden or whatever outside space you have even if it is small, even if it just a window box. Listen here and make your planting plans.

Paul Dendle has a travel company so is keen for us to beat seasonal affective disorder (SAD) by getting some winter sun. He also gives some practical tips for those us staying here.

The music this week is a present from a friend of mine. They recorded a song and sent it out to people as a Christmas wish - what a lovely thing to receive. Listen to it here.

If you have any comments or questions on the topics in the show please do make them below. Also if you want to ask the osteopath Tom Meyers any musculoskeletal questions you can ask here or contact me on if you would like to be featured on the show.

Thank you for reading and please do listen to the Relaxback UK Show.