Find What a Personal Trainer Can Do For You and Help Reducing Joint Inflammation

November 21, 2017 - Mike Dilke

On this weeks RELAXBACK UK show find out what a personal trainer can do for you and get some help reducing painful joint inflammation.

Gurinder Sandhu is a personal trainer and is based in London's financial district of The Square Mile at Elevate London. He helps all kinds of people but does find a lot of his clients are city workers who suffer from back pain and other problems that can be brought on by lack of movement or incorrect movement due to the sedentary office type work.

I asked Gurinder for an example of someone who he had especially helped. He gave the example of a client who had a particularly difficult and painful back problem who he could help as he works in conjunction with a chiropractor and physiotherapist. Hear about this client's story here. You can ask for a consultation with Gurinder here.

With the colder and damper weather I hear people complaing about their joint pain. What we eat can also have a contribution to the pain we feel in our joints and I was lucky enough to chat with dietician, Helen Bond about this. It is not as simple as just avoiding or eating particular foods though! If you suffer from joint pain she suggests keeping a detailed food diary to track down what the problematic foods might be. Listen to the advice here.


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