Exoskeletons and Robots in The Construction Industry

November 26, 2019 - Mike Dilke

This weeks Relaxback UK Show takes a look at exoskeletons and robots in the construction industry. Construction can be hard work and even with changes in technology and working hard to look at different ways of doing things there will inevitably be some heavy or repetitive lifting by site staff and in 2018 there were        51, o00 construction workers with musculoskeletal problems in the UK.

This is a big problem causing misery for those affected and slowing down the construction process so surely there is a better way of doing things. Well there might just be in the form of cutting edge wearable technology and the use of robots.  I speak with Clare Foreshaw of Park Health and Safety about exoskeletons which can assist operatives when carrying and lifting such that their jobs become safer and more productive. Listen to Clare's thoughts on how they can be used for good but maybe also not in such positive ways here on the Relaxback UK Show .

I went to watch a demonstration by John Sisk and Son Ltd in Wembley of a MULE robot. The MULE is shown on the video below and you can hear what a Sisk contracts manager has to say about using it in the UK here.



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