Ergonomics in Sweden, Is Your Child Pigeon Toed and Being a Chef with Hypermobility

February 28, 2017 - Mike Dilke

Loads of topical stuff from ergonomics to cooking in this weeks Relaxback UK show.

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Mike Wilson of Alter Ergo sends a report from the Stockholm Furniture Fair.  Apparently, now in Sweden if a product is called 'ergonomic' it has to be beneficial to your body. That means it can't just be comfortable but there must be an actual positive effect that you get from using it.

This has a few knock on issues. Chairs for example can't just be comfortable to be called ergonomic - the body must get something positive from their use. This will be interesting for many office chairs that support every part of you such that you hardly engage any muscles when sitting on them - you might as well be in bed! That is not a good way to be for your working hours! Certainly if I was paying a workforce I would want them to be alert and active as they are likely to do better work for me and it is certainly better for them from a health point of view. That will result in lower healthcare costs and absentee costs for me.

In addition I talk about how I was worried about my daughter walking with her toes pointing inwards. I took her to osteopath, Gillian Brown, for a diagnosis and some special insoles for her shoes.

It seems that this is caused by a degree of hypermobility that she has that causes her arches to collapse. On the subject of hypermobility I chatted to Danielle Durant-Taylor who is a chef with the condition. She talks about how she manages to run her busy business and busy life in spite of the difficulties she faces because of the hypermobility.

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