Dr Hilary Jones on Growing Older and Staying Fit & Healthy and Prof Kamila Hawthorne on GPs and parkrun

July 10, 2018 - Mike Dilke

On the RELAXBACK UK SHOW this week we have Dr Hilary Jones on growing older but staying fit and healthy and Professor Kamila Hawthorne on GPs prmoting parkrun to their patients.

Dr Hilary Jones gives some tips for feeling and looking younger. It seems quite a few people approaching retirement do feel around 9 years younger than they are and he passes on their tips.


I have spoken about parkrun before and the Royal Society of GPs are hoping to hook up more with the parkrun movement. They want to get their patients, staff and themselves more involved and participating in parkrun where appropriate. Listen here to the Professor Kamila Hawthrone, vice chair of the RSGPs, talk about their plans.

I also think about how much money parkrun saves the NHS - I think at least something like £11.5m a year. My analysis is not very sophisticated and if you know better please tell me!

Thanks for reading and if you have any questions or comments please ask or make them below and do listen to the Relaxback UK show.