Did You Do Veganuary? Also Simon Calder Talks About Travel Insurance for Snowbirds

February 2, 2020 - Mike Dilke

The RELAXBACK UK Show this weeks looks at Veganuary and also the importance of travel insurance for over 50s going for a long stay.

Dr Toni Vernelli of Veganuary and Dr Jeanette Fielding of Upfield talk about Veganuary with me. We covered how much carbon dioxide it might save, if it might be healthier and how to try and deal with your ingrained habits if you want to try changing your diet.

I showed my age and remembered the Bruce Forsyth advert for Stork SB which is an Upfield product - 'have you tried it with nothing on!' See the old ad below.

Simon Calder is a travel expert and a lovely guy to chat with. We spoke about some of the destinations that older travellers are going to and how important it is to think carefully about health insurance. Staysure is a travel insurance company and have looked at the figure of how many 'snowbirds' there are - that is older people spending longer than a month away.

Thanks for reading and do listen to the RELAXBACK UK SHOW.