Dental Anxiety, Rucksack Advice and Help the Scout Movement

April 9, 2019 - Mike Dilke

The RELAXBACK UK SHOW has a wide range of topics this week from helping to solve dental anxiety, advice on rucksacks and how to help the scout movement.

Many of us haven't been to the dentist for a while - sometimes for years. The Centre for Dentistry aims to make the whole process easier and less worrying. They have surgeries in supermarkets and make the process of visitng the dentist easy and calming. Listen to Lisa and Kahal from the CFD to hear how they do this.

The adventurer, Sean Conway, talks about rucksacks so listen for advice if you are running ultra marathons or going for an afternoon stroll.

Sean is also about to run the London Marathon - this is to help raise money to get more scout leaders to sign up. There is a shortage in the UK such that 60, 000 youngsters want to join the scouts but there aren't enough volunteers to help them. You can sponsor him for the run here. There is also a tantalising hint at his next adventure!

Thank you for reading and please do ask questions or make comments below and listen to the RELAXBACK UK SHOW.