Cooking for Fitness with England Rugby International, James Haskell and Question Wellness Claims for 2019

January 15, 2019 - Mike Dilke

The RELAXBACK UK show this week is very useful for those who are thinking about healthy resolutions for 2019. James Haskell talks about his new book Cooking for Fitness and guests from Life Extension Europe give advice for dealing with claims that come from 'Wellness' products when setting goals for 2019.

James Haskell has always trained hard and been very careful that his diet gives him the best possible advantage to compete at the top level of his sport. With Omar Meziane, he has written Cooking for Fitness so others can benefit from his experience. Hear him talk about the book and what he eats when he has a bit of a binge amongst other things here.

Christoff Mayr is a naturopath and Heidi Teschemacher follows consumer lifestyle trends so they are a perfect pair to comment on how to navigate the latest wellness trends. Listen here for some of the crazy wellness products they have come across and how to be realistic in your goals for 2019.

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