Clerkenwell Design Week – Pyschology of Working Environments

May 25, 2016 - Mike Dilke

I have been enjoying dipping into some of the events at Clerkenwell Design Week. My favourite so far was a talk on Wellbeing and Productivity in the Workplace by Dr Craig Knight of Haddleton Knight at The Frem Group showroom.

I loved the photos of an office from 1906 and 2015 - they looked virtually the same! What progress we have made.

Dr Knight was also quite brave as most of the offices and the showrooms in Clerkenwell are of the 'lean space' style with sleek looks. This is unfortunate as he went to explain how this kind of office can be actually the most inefficient for getting any work done according to available data. An 'enriched space' with a few plants etc or even just recently decorated is better. Best of all is an 'empowered space' where staff have a say, or at least feel that they do, in how the place looks and feels.

It was fun and thought provoking and I can't do his talk justice here so I would urge you to go and hear him if you get the opportunity