A Chat with Prolific Blogger Barbara McLullich and Is Bell Ringing Good For You?

December 12, 2017 - Mike Dilke

This week on the RELAXBACK UK show I chat with prolific blogger Barbara McLullich and also see if bell ringing is good for you.

Barbara McLullich started her blog after 4 lots of surgery to help with her back pain. She initially began writing as a way to help herself but she now has many followers that she helps by discussing different treatments and providing a friendly sounding board.

The success of her back pain blog has won her many awards and led her to start another blog about tea and to write two books.

Barbara's website with all the details is here.

Also this week I ventured up the bell tower of St Albans Cathedral to attend a bell ringing practice. I had heard that bell ringing is good exercise and after watching the ringers and having a try myself I would say it certainly is. Just getting to the bell chamber requires climbing a lot of steps although en route I listened in on a carol concert.

Bell ringing is very social and I would strongly recommend it to anyone of any age who wants to join a social group that also involves some gentle exercise.

The ringing master at St Albans Cathedral is Stephen Penney and his details along with other informaion are here.

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