Chairs with Balls – Press Release

July 9, 2012 - Mike Dilke


Chairs with Balls

That Improve Your Posture and Provide a Core Muscle Workout

Research physiotherapists at Limerick University have compared sitting positions on a standard office chair and The Back App chair. The team found that the activation of important trunk muscles was significantly lower on the Back App meaning that sitting upright required less effort.

The research leader, Kieran O’Sullivan, said “Most people would assume that sitting without a backrest would be hard. However, our work shows that using the Back App means that you sit upright more easily.”

A small ball at the centre of the circular base makes the user have to balance while they are sitting. The ball can be adjusted to change the amount the user has to balance from very little up to a level that provides a gentle core muscle workout.   

The angle between thighs and trunk (known as the hip angle) is greater than on a regular chair. This leads to the shape of the spine, while sitting on the Back App, to be very similar to that when standing up. This neutral position is considered an optimal posture by physiotherapists.

The fact that sitting requires less effort on the Back App, according to Kieran, is “probably because of the larger hip angle or the motion of the seat or both.” Either way you will be using less effort to maintain a good posture, exercising you core and sitting on a very stylish chair.

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